Africa Growth Corporation Helps To Develop Deep, Affordable And Resilient Housing Finance Markets In Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Housing finance needs are massive and require long-term investment
  • Governments can't cover the cost alone, nor should they have to

AGC has developed and honed practical skills experience following its housing projects over the past several years in the Sub-Sahara African region. AGC today is well prepared to successfully lead this new Namibian venture.  

Investing in Housing Mortgages Markets Can:

  • Improves living standards for families
  • Lowers housing construction costs
  • Make houses more affordable
  • Creates job opportunities

Namibia MAC – An Insight

The current 1,810 Mortgages in a portfolio managed by Namibia MAC's local partner, First Capital, with US$ 80 Million Funded have ZERO defaults or impairments to Date

Namibia MAC has access to over 3,000+ pre-approved mortgage loans (US$ 150m) awaiting finance that benefit from the Namibian government payment guarantee